We recommend to check your app every day, this will ensure the transfer of your heart rhythm data and success of the study.

1. First check if you see the two green marks:

2. If you see a red X, typically the most easy solution is to Force Quit the App and Reopen it again (iOS, Android). In almost all cases, the two green marks will reappear.

Please note that even when you saw a red X, the bracelet has been monitoring and saving your heart rhythm data for up to 20 hours. Once you restart the app, the remaining data on the bracelet will be synched and included for analysis.

3. It is very important to open the app once per day. We may send you a reminder from time to time. Please keep notifications activated for the two months of the study.



Please note we are regularly improving the system and will publish new versions of the apps. It is very important to have the latest version installed on your phone. You can check the following links for the latest version, if you see an <UPDATE> button, please press it and update to the latest version of the app.

Smart in OAC on the AppStore

Smart in OAC on Google Play

After you have updated the app, please press on the <OPEN> button or restart the app from your home screen.



You may get a minor rash from wearing your bracelet, similar to fitness trackers and watches. While it will likely disappear in a matter of days, there are a few ways to prevent it from happening in the first place.


  • You may most likely to experience irritation if you wear your strap really tight, loosen strap with one hole.
  • While the bracelet is water resistant, we recommend to keep it dry whenever possible. For example, always take it off when you take a shower.
  • We recommend taking off your bracelet after every workout, wiping it with a clean towel, and allowing it to dry while you shower.
  • Once a week, take the strap out of the bracelet and wash your strap. You can wash your strap with soap or rub its surfaces with an alcohol wipe.
  • Before putting your bracelet back on, apply lotion (for example this one) to your wrist. This locks in hydration and forms a protective layer between skin and strap.
  • If you experience redness or skin irritation, feel free to wear the bracelet on the alternate arm so as to not overexpose one skin area. This will not affect heart rhythm measurement accuracy of the bracelet.

Thank you for participating in the Smart in OAC – AFNET 9 study!