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A sports science company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

Cardiomood, a Swiss-based company, creates wearable devices that monitor and enhance health and performance. Our wearables are intended to keep track of heart rate, sleep cycles, HRV, and other essential signs. Moreover, they provide instant feedback on physical activity and stress levels to users, which can be synchronized with mobile applications for customized insights and analysis.

CardioMood SA

Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 5
1228 Plan-les-Ouates.
Geneva, Switzerland.


Attractive design to ensure continuous wear


Manufacturer devices certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016

Widely used

Founded in 2015 with annual double-digital growth 26K+ users, 382K+ sessions, 1B+ heartbeats recorded.

What Differentiates CardioMood

35 years experience, ergonomic product, choice of materials, craftsmanship, battery life of 8-15 days, ergonomic and aesthetic designs that stimulate continuous wear.

Supply chain wearables, deep relationships with suppliers, Swiss quality, agility to rapidly develop next generations.

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