Data Access

System & Access to Data

CardioMood is a health monitoring system that provides a simple and effective method for continuous monitoring of the user’s heart rhythm, respiration, activity, sleep, saturation, core body temperature, and blood pressure. In its most extended version, the system consists of a bracelet plus a dedicated app on the user’s smartphone, health cloud and coach portal.

Cloud-to-Cloud API

Our REST API provides a flexible, lightweight way to integrate applications, and is the most common method for connecting and synching data from Corsano’s Medically Certified Health Cloud. The API, or application programming interface, is a set of rules that defines how applications can connect to and communicate.

SDK & Bluetooth API

Third party applications may communicate directly with the CardioMood SmartBand over Bluetooth. Corsano offers pairing and smart synching libraries to help with a rapid integration of  CardioWatch 287 in mobile apps. Implementation of the SDK and Bluetooth API should be considered only by experienced developers and requires purchase of the Connection Package. 

Developer Portal

CardioMood offers direct access to data via API. The CardioMood Developer Platform explains the infrastructure to build better health and wellness experiences. Design, develop, support, and launch your integration with CardioMood and offer valuable insights:

Headsup Health

CardioMood integrates with HeadsUp Health: The Ultimate Health Data Analytics Platform. Simple and powerful health dashboards customizable for individuals, healthcare professionals, researchers, corporate wellness, athletics, wearable manufacturers and digital health organizations.

Terra API

CardioMood integrates with Terra API: Unlock the power of health data! Easily integrate with all the fitness and health wearables, sensors and apps through a single API.

Sabir Shaykhlislamov, MSc

Sabir is an expert developer on REST APIs. If you have questions or need assistance with REST APIs, please reach out to Sabir directly through your preferred communication channel. You can discuss your specific requirements, challenges, or any questions you have about REST APIs with Sabir, and he will provide expert guidance and support.