How to close the app on Android?

There are two ways of closing your CardioMood app on Android.

The first way allows you to free the screen of your mobile device and use it for other tasks, while the CardioMood app is still running in background.

The second way stops it completely from running.

Close your CardioMood app

If you simply close the app, it continues to run in the background. This means that the data from your CardioMood are synced regularly.

Click on the bottom left button of your phone

All the recently opened app will appear

Swipe laterally to the CardioMood app

Select the CardioMood app and swipe up to close it

Force stop your CardioMood app

If you want to stop the app completely, you need to do a Force stop. This will close the app and stop the background process as well. Note that in this case, no data will be synced anymore.

Hold your finger on the CardioMood app icon

The app contextual menu will appear

Click App info

Select Force stop at the bottom right corner of the new page that opens

Confirm your choice by pressing OK

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