How to close the app on iOS?

There a two different ways of exiting the CardioMood app on iOS.

Put your CardioMood app in background

Putting the app in background allows you to free your screen and use your mobile device as you want without seeing the CardioMood app display anymore. The advantage is that when the app is in background, it keeps running even if you don’t see it. Especially, the data from your CardioMood are synced regularly.

Slide up the app quickly from the bottom and release it right away

It is reduced to the app icon on your mobile dashboard

Close your CardioMood app

If you want to stop the app completely from running, you need to close it. Note that in this case, no data will be synced anymore.

Slide up the app slowly from the bottom

Hold it when its reducing and then release it

This will show the list of all your recently opened app

Select the CardioMood app

Slide it up quickly to make it disappear

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