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Manage your CardioMood after collecting data

You have completed the data collection part of your Study?
Here is what you need to do with your subject’s CardioMood.
  • Retrieve the CardioMood and phone

    When the data collection is complete, ask your subject to bring both their phone and CardioMood together, even if they used their personal phone during the Study.

  • Unpair the CardioMood from the phone

    If you want to keep using this specific pair of CardioMood and phone together for another patient, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below on how to unpair the CardioMood from an Android or iOS device.



  • Store your device

    If you plan to reuse the CardioMood soon with another subject, then recharge it so that it is ready for monitoring the next patient. Otherwise, simply put it in storage until you need it again.

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