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Tips for avoiding missing data

Are you observing gaps in your data? This could be perfectly normal… or not! Check out which situation applies to you and how to fix or prevent potential issues.

Expected gaps

  • Delay

    Depending on the metrics, it is normal not to get data right away. This is due to the fact that some algorithms need a certain amount of data before being able to provide a meaningful and reliable output.

Core body temperature: the data come only after wearing the CardioMood for many consecutive hours, due to algorithm calibration.

Readiness: the data come only after wearing the CardioMood many nights within a month.

  • Irregularity

    For some metrics, it is expected to get irregular data when you are not still, due to the algorithm’s sensitivity to movement. This is the case for:


Respiration Rate


It might happen that you don’t see your most recent data in the CardioMood app or on the study portal. Here are some potential reasons why and how to fix this issue.

  • Flat battery

    Check that the battery of your CardioMood is not flat.


There is a battery indicator of the CardioMood in the top right corner of the CardioMood app. If the percentage is very low or not visible, then put your CardioMood on the charger.


Open the main menu in the top left corner and check the connection status between the CardioMood and the phone. If there is no connection and that the battery level indicator is very low or not visible, then put your CardioMood on the charger.

More information about charging your CardioMood

  • Wearing your CardioMood

    Please check that you are wearing your CardioMood properly. An unfit position of the bracelet could lead to bad data quality.

  • App closed

    If the CardioMood app is not open and not running the the background, then you will have delay in the transfer of your data. Please open the app and let it run for a while so that your data can be synced.

Note that the oldest data get transferred first, so depending on how much data need to be synced, this can take up to one hour to catch up.

It is recommended to keep your CardioMood app running continuously (in background) to maintain the BLE connection and ensure a continuous sync with the CardioMood.

Without connection, the CardioMood has the capacity to accumulate data from between 2 up to 20 hours depending on your settings.

  • Out of range

    It is also possible that your data cannot be synced because your CardioMood is too far away from your mobile device, and thus out of Bluetooth range. Please try to keep your mobile device close to your CardioMood as much as possible to avoid data transfer delay.

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