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Charge your CardioMood 287-2B

Depending on your settings, the battery life of your CardioMood varies between 1 to 5 days. When notified, please put the charger on the bracelet for a few hours.

Steps to charge your CardioMood

  1. Plug the USB cable
  2. Connect the magnetic cable to the back of the CardioMood as illustrated below.

When the CardioMood is charging, the green LED on the side starts blinking.

Note that if your CardioMood is completely flat, it will take a few seconds before you see the green LED blinking on the side of the CardioMood. This is the time needed for your CardioMood to restart.

Please put the bracelet on a flat surface to make sure that the charger won’t disconnect from the bracelet.

CardioMood charging status


When the green LED on the side is blinking, your CardioMood is charging.

Fully charged

When the green LED on the side is continuously on, your CardioMood is fully charged.

Not charging

When the green LED on the side is continuously off, your CardioMood is not charging.

Tips and tricks

While charging, it is recommended to put your CardioMood:

  • on a flat surface
  • on its back (rather than on its side)

There are magnets to hold the charger in place, but the charger might still come off easily if tilted.


The green LED is off

Your watch is not charging. Please check the following points:

1. Is your charger is properly connected to the CardioMood?

Check that your cable is not tilted and that the whole surface of the charger is in contact with the CardioMood, as illustrated below.

Charger in wrong position:

the CardioMood is NOT charging

Charger in correct position:

the CardioMood is charging

2. Is your charger powered up?

Check that the USB connector is connected to a power supply.

The green LED is on

Your CardioMood is fully charged! You can remove it from the charger and wear it.

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