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Pair your CardioMood 287-2B

The connection between the measurement bracelet and your smart device is established via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is necessary to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone (please refer to the instruction manual of your mobile phone).


The bracelet was sent to you in shipping mode. To wake-up the bracelet, please put it on the charger for 2 hours.

Make sure that the charger cable is properly attached.

Start pairing

Upon first sign-in, user will be asked to pair a bracelet, follow the instructions.

First, select “287-2B” in the list.
Please connect the charger to the bracelet.
When the bracelet is found, please disconnect and reconnect the bracelet in order to finish the pairing proces.
Once the charging cable is disconnected and reconnected, the bracelet will finalise the pairing process. You will see an alert where your phone will ask your permission to connect to the bracelet. Please press on “Pair”.

Pairing succesful

When your bracelet is connected successfully to your smart device, the green “✓” symbol appears under Settings:

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