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Create a Study in the Study Portal

Ready to start your first Study?
Here is the step-by-step process to create one on the portal.

Video tutorial

Step-by-step process

  • Register

    The prerequisite to create a study, is to have a CardioMood account. Your account is created when you sign up on the CardioMood app. Please check these articles on how to download the app and register.

Download the CardioMood app

Register in the CardioMood app

  • Go to the Study Portal

    Once you have created your account in the CardioMood app, you can access the Study Portal with the same email and password. Here is the link to the Study Portal:


  • Create a Study

    Once you have signed in on the portal, go to the Studies page and click on the Add study button to create your first Study.

  • Fill in Study information

    On the popup window, enter the name of your Study. Optionally, you can also give a short description.

When you click Save, the Study is created and appears in the Studies page with the name you just entered.

  • Study Code

    A Study tag is automatically generated and associated with your new Study. This is the code appearing on the right side of your Study in the Studies page.

In addition, to anonymize your subjects, you can also also create voucher codes for your participants.

This stage is optional. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Click on your study
  2. Press the Vouchers button at the top of the page
  3. Enter the number of vouchers to be created
  4. Click Add users to confirm
List of patients with vouchers codes

Now you can attribute one of the codes to each subject. In this option, each participant gets a unique code (individual voucher) instead of sharing one (study tag). You can choose whatever option suits you best.

In any cases, you need to share a Study code (tag or voucher) with each one of your subject so that they can join your Study. This is the way to ensure that the parameters you set to this Study are applied to all the participants.

You can refer your patients to this article explaining how to set their study code in the CardioMood app.

  • Edit your Study

    Finally, you can edit some of your Study parameters or completely delete your Study by using the tools shown below.

This article give you some insights on how to adjust your Vital Parameters.

Next steps

Now that you have created your Study, learn more about how to adjust its Vital Parameters.

Also, don’t forget to ask your subjects to set their Study Code (tag or vouchers) in the CardioMood app.

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