Wearable fitness bands have become extremely popular in recent years – read on to learn some of the many benefits of fitness bands, as well as more information on the CardioMood fitness tracker.  

Whether you’re a fitness pro or you’re just starting out on your health journey, tracking your progress is absolutely essential for success. But this is easier said than done – between planning workouts, counting calories, and simply finding motivation, getting in shape and staying healthy can be challenging. Luckily, getting accurate metrics has never been easier, thanks to wearable health trackers like the CardioMood band.

Health wearables are able to track many facets of your overall health; including physical activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, recovery, and more. Advances in technology over the years have allowed for these devices to provide in-depth data with incredible accuracy.

In the past, it was difficult to gather this data without seeing multiple medical specialists. (Not to mention incredibly expensive!) Today, wearable health trackers make it easy to gain control of your own health at home, for a small fraction of the cost. 

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands? Let’s dive in to eight of the many benefits of wearable health trackers:

1. Accurately Track Calories Burned

By monitoring your activity levels and heart rate, a wearable band can track your calories burned more accurately than ever. Before these health devices were available, most people simply estimated how many calories their exercise burned. When it comes to weight loss and maintenance, every calorie counts! To be able to reliably plan your workouts and diet, you want to have the most accurate tracker possible.

Devices like the CardioMood band use a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to precisely track your movements, and thus your calories burned. Whatever activity you’re participating in, the CardioMood has the ability to track your motions with incredible accuracy. This eliminates any guessing or estimating how many calories you have burned, and makes tracking your fitness journey far easier. 

Did you know? The number one calorie-burning exercise is using a spinning elliptical trainer. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average person can burn up to 1,342 calories per hour on this machine!

2. Analyze Your Performance Data

With the introduction of health tracking bands comes the ability to monitor your vital statistics like never before. Most bands connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to instantly view your heart rate, body temperature, daily step count, sleep statistics and more. 

In addition to recording these statistics, devices like the CardioMood band will also analyze your data and provide personalized recommendations to help improve your health. This helps take the guesswork out of getting healthy, and allows you to determine which activities will help you progress the most.

Whether you’re an average, everyday user or a professional athlete, the CardioMood band is capable of helping you further progress in your fitness journey. 

3. Readiness and Recovery Tracking

The key to improving your fitness is to consistently challenge yourself and push your limits – but what happens if you push yourself too far? Overtraining can have serious health implications; such as fatigue, negative impact on mental health, decreased sleep quality, and potentially even physical injury. It can be difficult to know when you should push full speed ahead, and when to dial back the intensity.

By tracking your Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, a health tracking device can help you determine if you’ve recovered enough to continue intense training, or if your body would benefit from additional rest. If you find your body does need a little extra time to recuperate, try to make sure you stay hydrated, eat protein-rich foods, and stretch often while you let your body recover. 

To make monitoring your recovery simple, the CardioMood band provides you a personalized Readiness Score. Your score is recorded daily and can be viewed in an easy-to-read chart that will help you visualize your recovery over time. You can also compare your recovery stats to other users of your same gender and age group, helping you determine a benchmark for what healthy recovery looks like.

4. Sleep Tracking

The quality of your sleep can greatly affect both your physical and mental performance. A wearable band tracks your REM sleep and sleep stages to help you better understand your rest and recovery. The CardioMood band also tracks two additional sleep metrics: Tranquility (how soundly you slept) and Performance (how much time in bed was actually spent sleeping). Even if you think you’re getting decent rest every night, it can be eye-opening once you actually have your personal sleep data laid out in front of you.

This makes a health tracker great for helping you reach your sleep goals. After recording your sleep data for multiple nights, it then analyzes your sleep patterns and suggests the best times for you to sleep. Having this knowledge can help motivate you to lessen distractions and get the rest you need.

If you aren’t getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, research shows that your ability to adequately recover is greatly impaired. By optimizing your sleep habits, you increase your ability to improve your health.

5. Goal Setting

Without knowing what your baseline fitness levels are, it’s difficult to be able to set realistic goals for yourself. Studies have shown that setting and achieving goals can result in high self-esteem and self-confidence. That being said, setting your initial goals too far above your current capabilities can be discouraging and damaging to your self-esteem, so it helps to know where you’re currently at to be able to make improvements in small increments.

Wearing a fitness band will let you know exactly where you’re starting from, and even give you recommendations for how you can begin to improve your performance. Whether you are trying to reach a goal weight, trying to increase your pace, or trying to increase strength; being able to keep track of your stats makes reaching your goals much more attainable. 

6. Motivation

This brings us to one of the most important benefits of health trackers: increased motivation. For many people who are making healthy lifestyle changes, the ability to visualize their progress is extremely important. Additionally, the recommendations that a wearable health device provides can be extremely valuable in helping you on your health journey.

Not to mention that being able to see where you started in comparison to where you currently are is very motivational. On days when you feel like quitting, seeing proof that your hard work is paying off can help you remember why you started and get you back on track. 

There’s an old saying that says “You won’t always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined”. While that is true, there’s no doubt that seeing your positive progress on a daily basis gives you a little extra push to stay the course and continue to strive to reach your goals. 

7. Accountability

Accountability is a key to success that goes hand in hand with motivation. A great way to increase accountability on your health journey is to go into it with others. Suggesting that friends and family members also get fitness tracking bands is a great way to gain support. You can also challenge each other to reach your goals – try setting a daily activity goal for the whole group, or even participate in a weight loss challenge together. 

Taking accountability for your fitness goals essentially requires you to dig deep and remember why you started in the first place. But there’s no doubt that with a little help from a fitness tracker and some accountability partners, you have an even greater chance of continuing to progress toward your goals. 

8. Mental Health

You may not have expected to see this benefit on this list, but fitness trackers can absolutely benefit your mental health as well.

Studies have shown that after participating in moderate-intensity exercise, many people experience mood boosts linked to endorphin release. Endorphins can help decrease stress and thereby improve your mental health. By helping motivate you to meet your fitness goals, a fitness tracker can play a part in keeping your mind healthy as well. 

Another mental health benefit of wearable fitness bands is that they are great for keeping you connected with family members and friends who don’t live near you. Whether your accountability partners live next door to you or across the world from you, being able to compare your fitness stats instantly is a great aspect of a health tracker like the CardioMood band.

While the benefits of staying in touch with loved ones may not be measurable, staying in communication with people who share your same goals is undoubtedly beneficial to your mental health. 

The Science Behind the CardioMood Health Tracker

The CardioMood band uses a technique called Photoplethysmography (PPG) to collect health data. PPG measures blood volume changes in the microvasculature by using a light source and photodetector on the skin’s surface. This technique allows the wearable device to collect data on your heart rate and other vital metrics. This is the same technology used on common pulse oximeters and has been proven to provide accurate and reliable results. 

Additionally, the CardioMood band uses a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to accurately track your movements. An accelerometer measures your acceleration (or speed), while a gyroscope measures angular velocity. The accelerometer and gyroscope sensors can also help ensure accurate PPG readings by identifying when motion aberrations may have affected readings. 

Regarding sleep and recovery, the band also uses PPG technology to record your resting heart rate (RHR) and heart rate variability (HRV) and then determine the quality of your rest. 

Additional Features of the CardioMood Health Tracker

The CardioMood band is a health and fitness tracking device that is powered by the Corsano Cardiowatch 287-1”, a top-of-the-line piece of technology that makes tracking your own health information possible. It is lightweight, water resistant, and has an exceptionally long battery life of 7-14 days. The Cardiowatch 287-1” is widely known as being the collection device of choice by health professionals throughout the EU and beyond.

While it’s an incredible piece of technology, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. CardioMood offers many different watch band color options, so you can change them out anytime. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the band matches the standards of quality and style associated with Swiss watches. You’ll actually want to wear this!

The CardioMood device also connects seamlessly to a user-friendly app on your phone or tablet, allowing you to easily monitor your health stats. The band continuously monitors your heart rate and vital metrics and records them for you. Then, using advanced AI technology, it is able to provide you advice and recommendations regarding your health and training. All of your health data is well organized and easy to read in the app, so it can be easily understood even if you aren’t a tech aficionado. 

Additional Applications for the CardioMood Band 

Sports & Coaching

The CardioMood band is also the perfect tool for sports coaches. By using the Teams dashboard, coaches can easily track the health and fitness data for an entire team. This allows you the ability to monitor your players’ heart rate, calories burned, rest, and recovery 24/7. With the entire team’s stats right at your fingertips, you’ll be able to set goals for individual players as well as for the entire team like never before. 

Personal Training

A wearable fitness device like the CardioMood band is ideal when working with personal training clients.

Around-the-clock monitoring of vital statistics and recovery allows you to be as in-the-know as possible about your client’s progress. Additionally, being connected through the app allows you to be in constant communication with each other, building the bonds between you and your clients. This can lead to increased client retention, therefore benefiting your business. Setting goals and keeping track of client progress has never been easier!

Gym Owners

CardioMood qualified gyms have the ability to track the progress and performance of their members. Recommending a health tracking wearable to your members allows you to help them reach their goals. 

Idea for Gym Owners: To help increase motivation within your gym, organize monthly challenges among your members. Set activity goals, or even recovery goals to ensure that all participants are staying as healthy as possible while getting fit. You can even offer prizes at the end of the month to reward members with the top metrics. This is a fun way to increase member motivation, and solidify all gym-goers as a team. 

Health tracking bands can be used for running, yoga, cycling, weight training, CrossFit – you name it! Whatever activity your members do, implementing CardioMood technology can help take your gym to the next level. 


If you have a health condition that requires you to keep a close eye on your health stats, a health tracking band can greatly benefit you. A health tracking band gives you the ability to check your heart rate, activity levels, and sleep quality all on your phone.

Or, on the other hand, if you have a patient who needs close monitoring, you might consider suggesting a health tracker for them. Especially with patients who require more medical care than average, this is a great way to be able to see their daily statistics without them having to make a trip to your office. The CardioMood device is used by many doctors and other health care professionals, and is widely known for providing accurate data. 

Is A Wearable Fitness Band Right For You?

As you can see, a fitness tracking band can be an extremely valuable tool on anyone’s health and fitness journey. Whether you’re just beginning a new healthy lifestyle or you’re an old pro, having your personal health stats right at your fingertips can benefit anyone.

Are you considering purchasing a wearable tracker, or do you already use one currently? After learning about the capabilities of tracking bands, do you feel more motivated to start tracking your health and fitness journey? Check out the CardioMood fitness tracker and start crushing your fitness goals.